Techno-Logical Leakage


Materiality of Cryptocurrency


Technical Alienation

Object Recognition

Reverse Engineering







What happens when I transfer cryptocurrency, when its data is neither located at the sender nor the receiver? What does a cryptocurrency transaction look like from the perspective of electrical signals? And how are these flows conducted through the microscopic architectures of computer chips?

Proof-of-Transaction is a physical object that absorbs the transfer of value from one space or entity to another. It captures the orders of magnitude of the exchange (from technology to phenomena) and narrates these realities through interobjective relations.


Instead of solely relying upon the mathematical assumptions of consensus algorithms, Proof-of-Transaction reveals their concealed procedures through its analog properties. It retraces computation to its physics to provide evidence of the exchange. The intangible exchange of value is unified with its source and encapsulated by the object.  


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2018, objects, visuals and longform